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      The School of Science of Tianjin University was founded in 1946, originally under the name of the School of Science of Peiyang University. At that time it was composed of four departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Geography. In 1951, the university changed its name to “Tianjin University”; hence the “School of Science of Peiyang University” was renamed the “School of Science of Tianjin University”. In 1952, the school was incorporated into Nankai University due to college and department adjustment. In 1983, Tianjin University re-established the departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and in 1997, they were reorganized into the School of Science.
        Sixty years’ trials and hardships have witnessed outstanding achievements in all directions including teaching, research, talent-cultivation under the leadership of the school’s leaders and the hard work of the faculty members. Now we are focusing on building a school full of energy, potential and distinctive features.
        There are 220 people on its professional faculty and staff. Among them 157 are full-time teachers, including an academician of CAS, 42 professors and 72 associate professors. 79 percent of the full-time teachers, that is a number of 145, have gained a doctor's degree or above. Three teachers have got the New Century Excellent Talents Award issued by the Ministry of Education. There are also two National Excellent Teacher Award winners and two Tianjin Famous Teacher Award winners...
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